Restrict Content Pro – User Country

This plugin will allow you discover and store your users country of origin.

Restrict Content Pro

RCP is a complete membership management system that allow site administrators a clean, simple way to restrict content to paid subscribers and collect payments from paying customers.

User Country

In some countries, when you sell products, you need to keep records of the buyer origin country. For legal purposes, accounting and taxes.

You can spend thousands of dollars on 3rd party SAAS services just to realize that it complicates your selling process and adds more work to you and your staff.

With this plugin you can start collecting data of your users country of origin. It’s done seamlessly while they register.

All the data is stored in your WordPress database, and integrates with Restrict Content Pro. The information is saved as WordPress User Meta Data, and it is easily accessible by WordPress functions.

You can choose whether to opt in the user country, asking your client to fill this field, or auto-detect the country seamlessly using an advanced Geolocation IP API.

Users country is added to RCP Member Notes on every new user registration. The data presented in the RCP Members and RCP Payments screens. And on data export, you get an extra column containing the country – it is used by your accounting department.


New "Country" columns in RCP Payments screen.
Payments screen
New "Country" columns in RCP Members screen.
Members screen
New "Country" note added to RCP Member notes.
Member notes
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Version: 1.1

Developer: Rami Yushuvaev

Last Update: 3 years ago

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