Give – Slack

Connect your Give install to Slack and receive notifications when new donations are made.


Give is the most robust WordPress plugin available for accepting donations. It’s goal is to “Democratize Generosity”. Give empower your cause, allowing you to start accepting donations on WordPress.

Give Slack

This plugin allows you to integrate your sites donations to your slack account.

When activated, it adds the ability to receive slack notifications when new donations are made on your site.

The notification will include the general bot information (e.g. bot name, pretext, message) and specific donation data (e.g. Give form, donation amount and currency, the date and the user name).

If you are using Slack mobile app, you will receive notifications to your cell-phone on each new donation. How cool is that!


Create new Slack Incoming WebHook. Choose a channel where the donation notification will post to.

When creating an incoming WebHook, you can set additional settings. Those settings will be used as global settings. You can override them from the plugin settings page.

Now copy the WebHook URL and paste it to the plugin settings page and save the settings. That is is! You finished setting up the integration. From now on, when new donations are made in your site, the plugin will send notification messages to your slack account.

To customize the notification, you can use the different setting fields. You can change the channel, the bot name and the message pretext. You can also control the notification color, the author and the message.


Settings Page
Settings Page
Notification on Slack
Notification on Slack
Mobile Notification
Mobile Notification
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Version: 1.0

Developer: Rami Yushuvaev

Last Update: 3 years ago

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